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Dalton Construction, Inc. is a small company with business built on customer referrals, so every project we work on customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are a custom pool builder and ever job is different. We have built pools, where other pools companies have said they could not build a pool there.

Dalton Construction incorporates the homeowner’s personality in every pool or spa we build. We have taken homeowner ideas and figured out a way to build what they want. Our company motto is “We use the best, to build the best”.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Licensed general contractor
• Pool builders for 25 years

We Specialize In:

  • Build vinyl liner & gunite swimming pools
  • Remodel vinyl liner & gunite swimming pools
  • Weekly services
  • Fix & replace equipment
  • Liner replacement

A Fishers Pool Company: Making that Backyard Pool a Reality

A pool in the backyard is one of the ultimate luxuries most homeowners dream of. Picture a pool custom-designed just for you and your family, right in your own backyard. You can have an endless amount of fun without having to worry about money! A professional Fishers pool company, Dalton Construction, Inc., can construct a pool that is as flexible as your imagination and lifestyle, and which fits in your budget. Having a pool in your backyard not only sets you distinctly apart and adds a touch of class to your lifestyle, but it also increases the value of your property.

With a swimming pool at home, you can enjoy several benefits. The best part is that you can swim in it whenever you want. Throw a pool party if that is what you want. Use your pool to relax and unwind after a hard day at work or swim 20 laps to work on your fitness. A Fishers pool company can build you a new backyard pool in no time. The installation is expertly performed. Of course the cost will vary with the type of the pool you want to install.

A Pool of Your Choice with A Fishers Pool Company

A quality Fishers pool company, Dalton Construction, Inc., will design a pool for you considering the placement, size, shape and accessories in the pool. An in ground pool should be ideally situated in a sunny spot to save on the heating costs and on the highest area of your yard to prevent flooding and muddy water run-off into the pool. Your pool should be away from wires, sewers and septic pipes.
The professionals of a Fishers pool company will take care of all small details like installing a set of pool steps or ladder and providing non-skid hand rails.

Decide on the purpose of your pool before determining its shape and size. If your family wants to play pool games, you may want to opt for the traditional oval or rectangle shape. An L shaped pool is best if you want your kids to have a separate kiddie area for them to swim and play. You may also choose a kidney shaped pool or a free form pool. Any pool of your choice can be built by Dalton Construction, Inc., a skilled Fishers pool company. The only limiting factor is the space you have.

Fishers pool company, Dalton Construction, Inc., can help you select the right kind of liner for your pool. We'll let you know if a fiberglass pool or concrete pool is right for you or not.

Talk to your local Fishers pool company about the pool cover as well. It is important to have pool covers if you have children or pets in your home. Nylon and vinyl are used in the making of pool covers and they can be operated manually or automatically. It helps avoid accidents and prevents debris from blocking the filter and contaminating the water. A solar cover will help increase your pool’s efficiency by trapping heat in the water, warming water through solar power and cutting down on evaporation.

Dalton Construction, Inc., A Fishers Pool Company, Provides Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

Building a pool is not just about digging a hole in your backyard and filling it up with water. There are several important things that go into the design, construction and also in maintaining the pool so that it remains clean and inviting all year long. Be sure to maintain your pool so it will look as good as new for years. Just like your car needs a tune-up once in a while at the expert hands of a professional, your swimming pool also needs professional maintenance.

A skilled Fishers pool maintenance company recommends the right balance of chemicals in your pool through regular maintenance - either by yourself or a professional pool cleaning service. Your swimwear can be bleached and your skin and hair damaged if the chemicals are too strong. Not strong enough and your pool will be full of bacteria and algae. Acid and chlorine levels in the water have to be maintained just right. Cloudy water is also tackled early on with a regular maintenance program. It is often an indication of something more serious, like deteriorating pool finish. As your Fishers pool company, we suggest finding a reliable company to maintain your pool properly.

A swimming pool that is well built and maintained properly is incomparable. The pristine and sparkling water of your pool will always be inviting. Your family can have long hours of fun and entertainment. It can also be a great way to shape up. A swimming pool is a serious investment. Get the best by calling the professionals at a Fishers pool company, Dalton Construction, Inc..

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This pool is so maintenance free, all I do is swim.
Henry, Mccordsville
You give the best and quickest services I have ever had from a company.
Doug, Greenfield
I was a little nervous about building a pool but you made the process so comfortable for us I wished I had done it sooner.
Dave, Carmel